Waifusion Community Update: Edition 8

What is Waifusion?

V2 Details

  • Generative 2D collection with new attributes+themes (let us know what you want to see!)
  • Flat ETH cost priced around 0.06 ETH
  • Supply between 6000–10000
  • Dungeon-like mechanic from original V1 collection in V2
  • V2 will not generate any WET, but new WET utility will be introduced
  • Tentative launch date around early August, exact date TBA
  • Non-exclusive commercial rights for all V2 art that you own

V2 Art Sneak Peek

All concepts are not final and subject to change!

Waifu Stats

1/9 Bunny, 1/80 Yellow Maid, 1/13 Full Lingerie, 1/89 Red 90s Match (2), 1/25 Wacdonalds top
1/80 Yellow Maid (2), 1/324 Maid (3), 1/13 Full Lingerie, 1/74 Ahegao, 1/22 Wacdonalds Hat
1/79 Full Kimono, 1/86 Rocket, 1/81 Covidmask, 1/81 Mechwings (3)

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Waifusion Community

Waifusion Community

uwulabs is the team behind Waifusion and uwucrew, generative anime NFT collections on Ethereum