Waifusion Community Update: Edition 3

Development Milestones

  • Full mobile support
  • Gallery and Filtering for BSC
  • WET view / claiming for individual Waifus
  • Farming interface (BSC only for now)
  • Trait rarity display with colored keys
  • Preview of “recently bought” or “recently freed” Waifus
  • View other wallets’ Waifus
  • More search and filter options
  • Various UI bugfixes

General Updates

1/86 Rocket Tattoo, 1/96 Full Kimono (2), 1/68 Full Catgirl, 1/6 Maren Commemorative Waifu
1/86 Rocket Tattoo, 1/9 Solojazz, 1/96 Full Kimono (2), 1/13 Full Lingerie
Custom Waifu Art (Not minted as NFTs)

How you can help



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Waifusion Community

Waifusion Community

uwulabs is the team behind Waifusion and uwucrew, generative anime NFT collections on Ethereum