The Community Takes Over Waifusion

Don’t worry, Anon. I’ll clean this up for you.

What is Waifusion?

Waifusion is a digital NFT collection launched on the ETH and BSC networks as separate and unique assets at the start of March 2021, comprising a total of 16,384 algorithmically generated Waifus distributed per chain as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The way Waifus were generated is similar to Hashmasks in that all Waifus were created through composable, generative art by a distributed team of artists.

WET Token

The Waifu Enhancement Token, or WET, is Waifusion’s utility token. All freshly minted Waifus come with 1830 WET and generate 10 WET per day. Currently, WET has two uses: to change the name of your Waifu (1830 WET), or to “reroll” for a new Waifu from the dungeon (5490 WET).


Shortly after release, the Waifusion team and community implemented a “dungeon” mechanic which solved the problem of the bonding curve not being sold to completion. In the process, remaining unsold Waifus were migrated to the “dungeon” smart contract, allowing users to rescue a random Waifu from it either by burning an existing Waifu + 5490 WET or paying a flat price of 0.7 ETH.

Developer and Team Change 3/22/21:

On the 22nd of March 2021, the original team of Waifusion announced that they would no longer be supporting development or management of the project due to the team’s differences in opinion as to how the initial raise should’ve been handled and feeling as though the community did not agree with their vision.

What does the new Community Team think about the events that led the original Waifusion team to relinquish control of the project?

A lot has happened within the last couple weeks, good and bad; but one thing we can all agree on is moving past the drama and opening a fresh new chapter in Waifusion history. The Community Team that is now dedicated to the project has no personal connection to the events that led up to this leadership change and are currently focused completely on continuing to develop Waifusion to make it an enjoyable experience for the community.

What will happen to all my Waifus?

All Waifus will remain unchanged, images are preserved on IPFS, and all NFTs will remain on both the Ethereum and BSC network as they are now. Currently, some features on the BSC frontend of the project are not operating as they do on the Ethereum network, and the new developer team is working on fixing these app issues to ensure feature parity. We are also updating all of the project infrastructure to align with industry best practices and set us up for successful future development.

Who’s behind the new team?

A core group of dedicated community members with diverse experience across full-stack development, design, product management, crypto businesses, and marketing are currently hard at work drafting plans for future development of the Waifusion project. We have also onboarded new artists that will be contributing their skills to the Waifusion project in the future. Reach out to us on Twitter or Discord and we’ll welcome all the help we can get!

Plans for the future:

We are currently considering every option to grow the project, and are excited about where we can take this as a community. We are carefully selecting the ideas we believe to be feasible and working on a roadmap to accomplish those goals.

New Beginnings

We understand that the past week has been surprising and upsetting to many Waifu holders, but we believe that the transfer of ownership from the original Waifusion team to the community could turn out to be the best outcome for this project long term. We have big plans for the future to incentivize Waifu holders to stick around, including new use cases and branching out into the international community, so please stay tuned! We hope you feel the same way and we look forward to growing the community, the project, and providing value to all Waifu lovers.



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Waifusion Community

Waifusion Community

uwulabs is the team behind Waifusion and uwucrew, generative anime NFT collections on Ethereum